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A-Team Auto Care 18-0217

by Wears Auctioneering Inc.


Saturday, February 17th @ 10:00 AM - Live Auction Saturday, February 17th Central


1947 Waterfront Drive
Iowa City, IA 52240


Live Auction

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Conducted By

Wears Auctioneering Inc.

Solon, IA 52333



Auction Listing


SATURDAY FEBRUARY, 17 2018 @ 10:00AM



A-Team Auto has decided to close and therefore selected Wears Auctioneering has been selected to sell the following business-related equipment.



1988 Chevy K3500 1-ton pickup truck with 8’ box and plow, Western 8’ snow plow, standard cab.  nearly $4000 in parts replaced. Transmission rebuilt by Fountain with shift kit, intake manifold gaskets, thermostat, complete tune up (spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor), new distributor, radiator, upper and lower ball joints, front and rear brake lines, fuel lines, fuel pump and filter, rear brakes, front brake calipers, alternator, exhaust and a new (used) bed.
The tires are very good (8/32 tread all the way around) Starts up great every time. 4- wheel drive works great. Plow works great up, down, side to side.



John Deere 318 Lawn Mower with Deck M00318x288487

Snow blower attachment for lawn mower * 20 Ton hydraulic press

Champion Upright 5 HP Air Compressor * BG Brake Fluid Flush Machine

BG PF5 Transmission Fluid Flush Machine * BG Cooling System Flush Machine

Robinair AC Processing Machine Model AC34288 * Fuel System Service Machine

Atlas TC- 589 Tire Machine * Atlas WB52 Wheel Balancing Machine

Vintage Marquette Arc Welder * Sand Blaster * Engine Stand

35 Gallon Magnum Air Twin Cylinder compressor * Engine support

Cherry Picker Engine Hoist * Under Hoist Stands (2)

Amp Flux Wire Feed Welder * 3 large shop fans * Tire rack


10,000# 2 POST HOISTS

2013 Bend Pac xpr-10a vehicle hoist XPR-10A * 2015 Bend Pac XPR-10A-LP

These hoists are up and running Buyer will be responsible for removal.



3 Drawer Rolling Cart with slide open top * Cooling System Filler

Red Brick Scan Tool MR 2500 * Cooling System Pressure Test Master Kit

Ball Joint Press Super Set * Harmonic Balancer Puller * ¾ Impact Air Gun

Wireless Chassis Ear * 1/4 Air Ratchet * 3/8 Air Ratchet * 1/2 Impact Air Gun

Air Drill * Power Steering Pulley Remover and Installer * Relay Test Jumper Set

Infrared Thermometer * Flare Nut Wrench Sets (standard and metric)

1/4” Torque Wrench * Reverse Torc Socket Set * Large Allen Socket Set

Screw Extractor Set * Star Drive Socket Set * Punch and Chisel Set

Pressure and Vacuum Pump Test Kit * Master Bolt Grip Puller Set



Battery tester/charger Model 1552 * Air Hammer/Chisel * Tap and Die Set

Pry bar * Swivel Head Ratchet * Fixed Head Ratchet * Snap Ring Plier Set 

Allen WRench Sets (standard and metric)



Acetylene “B” Tank with hose * Engine Load Leveler * Hose Reels (3)

Bench Grinder * Bench Grinder Stand * Shop Vac (2) * Slide Hammer Transmission

Jack * Dewalt Table Saw * AC Light and Dye Kit  

Compression Tester * AC Tech Select O-ring and Gasket Set

Ball Joint Adapter Set * Ball Joint Press * AC Delco Boroscope

Brake Caliper Compressor Set * Fuel Pressure Test Kit * Air Tire Buff Tool               

Power Probe Electrical Open and Short Tester * Cylinder Leakage Test Kit

Engine Oil Pressure Test Kit * Unitest Cooling System Pressure Test Kit

“Hub tamer” Wheel Bearing Remover/Installer * Ingersol Rand ¼ Air Ratchet     

Air Cut Tool * Blue Point Air Hammer/Chisel * Valve Spring Compressor Tool   

Matco Carbide Burr Cet * Angle Head Die Grinder * O2 Sensor/Oil Pressure Switch

Socket Set * Steering Wheel Remover * Bearing Race and Seal Installer Coolant and

Battery Refractometer * 11 PC. Magnetic Tip Extension Set

Fuse Buddy Test Kit * Torch Regulators (4) * Torch Heads (5) * Torch Tips (7) Torch

Hose and Body * Inner Tie Rod End Tools (2) ) * Bench top router table 

Exhaust Hanger Removal Tool *   * Pitman arm removal tool                                                                                 

Brake caliper compressor tools (single and dual piston) * Craftsman router

Blue point brake line flaring kit  * Control arm pry adapter tool

Craftsman 10” table saw * Remote hose clamp removal tool

Hydraulic brake line flaring kit  * Gear wrench serpentine belt tensioner tool



Socket set-3/4  * 3/8-11/16 Socket Sets * 9-17 mm Socket Sets                   

16-24 mm Thin open-end Wrench Set * 3/8-3/4 Wrench Set                                

3/8-11/16 Wrench Set * Misc. Sockets * Misc. Wrenches * Misc. Screw Drivers

Misc. Allen Wrenches * Master Tech Wrench Set * Misc Ratchets              

Gear Wrench Ratchet and Socket Set * Various Long Handle Pliers                

Stud Puller Socket Set * Oil Filter Cap Sockets * Brad Nailer 

Small Vise *  Magnetic Spark Plug Socket Set * 1/4-3/4 Craftsman Wrench Set           

Craftsman Spline Drive Wrench Set * Craftsman Stripped Bolt Remover                             

 Crows Foot Pry Bar Set * Pipe Cutting Pliers * Vise Grip Pliers

Craftsman Small Wrench Set (standard and metric) * Panel Remover Pliers             

Hose Clamp Remover Tool * Grip Tite Bolt/Nut Remover * Drill Bit Set



Steel Work Bench with Vise * 7 Metal Double Door Wall Cabinets 32x38   

Waterloo Top Tool Box * Craftsman Top Tool Box * Oil Drain Cart                        

Oil and Transmission Fluid Bins * 250-gallon Heating Oil Drum (used oil)       

 Large Plastic Aircraft Deicing Container (used oil)



Large Desk * 3 Filing Cabinets * Tires * Welding Helmet * Small Fan

20- foot ladder



www.wearsauctioneering.com for photos


Payment in full day of the sale. Cash, Check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover with 5% convenience fee added. All items sell as is.