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Vintage Coca-Cola, Fine Furniture, Antiques from Scottish Rite

by House Auction Company, Inc.


JAN. 9 to JAN. 23, 2018 - ONLINE ONLY AUCTION - Bidding BEGINS Jan. 9 & Bidding ENDS Tuesday - JANUARY 23 @ 6:00 PM Eastern


New Bern Scottish Rite
516 Hancock Street
New Bern, NC 28560


Online Only Auction

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Conducted By

House Auction Company, Inc.

885 Marshallberg Rd.
P.O. Box 220
Marshallberg, NC 28553



Auction Listing

NC Online Auction of Vintage Coca-Cola Drink Boxes, Coke Collectibles, Vintage Barber Chair, Fine Furniture for Residential & Commercial Usage, Commercial Kitchenware, Dishes, Folding Chairs & Tables, Executive Picture Frames, many rare & eclectic Antiques - ALL from the New Bern Scottish Rite Building  - for sale to the Highest Bidder.  Conducted by House Auctions, Inc.




Selling  Virtually  the  Entire  Contents  of   the New  Bern Scottish  Rite  Building, Which  Operated  from  this  Building  for  Over  100  Years

Selling Everything to the Highest Bidder !! 
OnLine Only Auction - Bidding Now LIVE !!
Bidding  ENDS Tuesday, JANUARY  23rd  at 6:00 PM**
**Subject to Auto Extended Bidding SEE TERMS
Bid From the Convenience of Home, Work or ANY WHERE You Have Internet Connection - Bid From Your Phone or Personal Device
Pick-Up Date:  Wednesday - January  24th  and  Thursday - January  25th  from 12:00 Noon to 5:00 PM
Partial Listing:
Lot # Title
11 1950s Westinghouse Quadruple Lid Coca-Cola Cooler
12 1950s Westinghouse Double Lid Coca-Cola Cooler 
13 1950s Westinghouse Coca-Cola Cooler and Memorabilia 
14 Emil J.Paidar Barber Chair
15 1915 Josiah Anstice Co. Sterling Slicer
16 Sturdy Wooden Podium
17 Pair of Leather Wingback Chairs
18 Ridgeway Grandfather Clock
19 Halsey Taylor Water Fountain
20 Westinghouse Water Fountain Serial Number 05715982
21 Red Leather Dinner Chairs
22 Red Leather Dinner Chairs
23 Four Solid Wooden Chairs
24 Four Solid Wooden Chairs
25 Four Solid Wooden Chairs
26 Crimson Leather Wingback & Pair of High Back Chairs
27 Pair of Tan Leather Office Chairs
28 Sturdy Pair of Swiveling Bar Stools
29 Six Antique Wooden Chairs
30 Set of Four Antique Wooden Chairs
31 Decorative Dark Wood Loveseat with Matching Pillow
32 Decorative Rocking Chair
33 Pair of Decorative Chairs and Side Table
34 Iconic bright blue arm chairs
35 Pair of Mahogany Toned End Tables
36 Vintage Yellow Leather Chairs
37 Yellow Leather Loveseat
38 Accent Chairs and Side Table
39 Light Wood Dining table 
40 Dark Green Leather Cinema Chair
41 Red Leather Love Seat
42 Red Leather Love Seat
43 Crimson Leather Living Room Set
44 Mauve Office Chair Set
45 Floral Armchair Pair
46 Floral Armchair Pair
47 Floral Armchair Pair
48 Cream Love Seat and End Table
49 Wooden Office Desk
50 Wooden Computer Table
51 Wooden Office Desk with Black Leather Chair
52 Wooden Office Desk with Wood Trash Bin
53 Wooden Office Desk with Cream Leather Chair and Metal Trash Bin
54 Estey Wooden Rolling Upright Piano
55 Half Circle Leather Bench Seat with Planter Top
56 Half Circle Leather Bench Seat with  Planter Style Top
57 Brown Leather Lounger Sofa
58 Round Coffee Table and End Table
59 Round Coffee Table and End Table
60 Side Table and Entry/Couch Table
61 Gold Colored Head Board & Bed Frame
62 Red Leather Executive Chair and Patriotic Rug
63 Pair of Wooden Client Chairs
64 Vintage Singer Sewing Machine
65 Extra Long Shop Table
66 Shop Table
67 RICHO Energy Star Copier Model FT4022
68 AKAI T.V. with Antenna, Remote, and Rolling T.V. Stand
69 Metal Desk with Floral Print Chair
70 Bonze Lamps with Shades
71 Bronze and Tiffany Blue Lamps with Shades
72 Bronze and Cream Lamps with Shades
73 Bronze and Tan Lamps with Shades
74 Bronze Lamps with Shades
75 Green and Bronze Lamps with Shades
76 Bronze Lamps with Embossed Floral Design
77 Bronze and Silver Lamps with Beveled Shades
78 Bronze Lamps with Shades
79 Wooden End Tables
80 Wooden Side Tables
81 Wooden Side Tables One Square and One Hexagon
82 Six Historical American Flags
83 Three Bronze Lamps with Shades
84 Bronze Colored Lamp with Japanese Ornamental Vase
85 Pair of Blue and White Stripped Wing Back Chairs
86 Child's Desk and Chair
87 Hobby Desk and Project Rocking Chair
88 Couch and Wooden Coffee Table
89 Entryway Table with Floral Arrangement and Side Table
90 Westinghouse Upright Freezer in Working Order
91 Signature Upright Freezer in Working Order
92 Signature Chest Freezer, Needs Repair
93 Sears Roebuck Chest Freezer Serial Number P-D2031056; Needs Repair
94 Metal Rolling Cart
95 Commercial Coffee Urn
96 Commercial Coffee Urn
97 Commercial Coffee Urn
98 Westbend and Mirromatic Coffee Pots
99 Twinstar and GE Coffee Pots
100 Westbend Coffee Pot and Hot Pot
101 Two Glass Decaf Commercial Coffee Pots
102 Outdoor Ash Tray
103 Restaurant Style China; Service for 100
104 Restaurant Style China; Service for 100
105 Restaurant Style China
106 Restaurant Style China
107 Restaurant Style China with Rolling Cart
108 White Serving Dishes
109 White Serving Dishes
110 White Serving Dishes
111 White Serving Dishes
112 White Ceramic Dishes
113 Varies Serving Dishes
114 Silver Plated Punch Bowl
115 Glass Punch Bowl and Tray
116 Metal Bucket with Handle
117 Set of Five Commercial Roasting Pans
118 Set of Nine Commercial Sheet Pans
119 Set of Nine Commercial Sheet Pans
120 Set of Four Commercial Sheet Pans
121 Set of Five Serving Pitchers
122 Set of Five Serving Pitchers
123 Set of Five Serving Pitchers
124 Set of Five Serving Pitchers
125 Set of Five Serving Pitchers
126 Set of Five Serving Pitchers
127 Set of Eight Serving Pitchers
128 Carved Tribal Wooden Fork
129 Stock Pot Set with Accessories
130 Stock Pot Set with Accessories
131 Forty-Six Cream/Syrup Pitchers
132 Commercial Strainer and Mixing Bowl
133 Commercial Roasting Pan Set
134 Commercial Cooking Set
135 Assorted Serving Trays and Cookware
136 Cutting Block Set
137 Five Tier Rolling Shelves
138 Four Vented Roasting Pans
139 Four Vented Roasting Pans
140 Commercial Can Opener and Large Basin
141 Three Commercial Frying Pans
142 Party Ice Tub
143 Commercial Grinder Set
144 Commercial Salad or Mixing Bowl on Rollers
145 Decorative Glass Vases
146 Medium and Large Plastic Vases
147 Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers
148 Mixed Kitchenware
149 Mixed Disposable Serving ware
150 Rolls of White Paper Table Covers
151 White Serving Bowls
152 Spare Mixed Dishes
153 Glass Cups and Metal Storage Tray
154 Glass Cups and Metal Storage Tray
155 Glass Cups and Metal Storage Tray
156 Glass Cups, Metal Storage Tray, and Handcart
157 Forty Metal Folding Chairs
158 Forty Metal Folding Chairs
159 Eight Metal and Wood Folding Tables with Rolling Cart
160 Eight Metal and Wood Folding Tables with Rolling Cart
161 Four Metal and Wood Folding Tables
162 Four Metal and Wood Folding Tables
163 Four Metal and Wood Folding Tables
164 Twenty-Five Metal Folding Chairs
165 Twenty-Five Metal Folding Chairs
166 Twenty-Five Metal Folding Chairs
167 Twenty-Five Metal Folding Chairs
168 Twenty-Five Metal Folding Chairs with Rolling Storage Cart
169 Baldwin White Upright Piano
170 D.H. Baldwin Electric Organ
171 Four Brown Leather and Metal Chairs
172 Three White Tables
173 32 Gallon Trash Cans and Rolling Cart
174 Commercial Roasting Pans with Lid
175 Three Aqua Plastic School Chairs
176 Rolling Chair Hand Cart
177 Piano Dolly
178 Round Dinner or Card Table
179 White Table with Bench and Pedestals
180 Five Outdoor Ashtrays and Rolling Cart
181 Eight Metal and Wood Folding Tables with Rolling Cart
182 White Wooden Rolling Table
183 Lion Head Throne Prop
184 Tree Trunk Prop and Black Velvet Box
185 Stage Prop Pulling Rack
186 Curved Wooden Lion Bench
187 White Rolling Table, Rolling Chair, & Flag Stands
188 Four Rolling Stage Lights
189 Thirty Foot Extension Ladder
190 Rolling Desk Chair with Trash Can and Dust Pan
191 Assorted Stage Props
192 Two Folding Tables and Flag Stands, a Broom and Dust Pan
193 Box of Assorted Table Covers
194 Wood Table with Brown Leather and Metal Chairs
195 "L" Shaped Desk, Red Chair, Coat Rack and Trash Can
196 Green Wood Table
197 Wood Podium
198 Green Desk and Rolling Chair
199 Folding Table, Tan Leather Chair, and Rolling Cart
200 Kirby Heritage II Vacuum
201 Office Furniture Set
202 Office Desk and Red Leather Chair
203 Couple of Brown Leather Chairs
204 Green Leather Chairs
205 Yellow Leather Chairs
206 Her Majesty Steam Frigate "Cyclops" Print
207 Three Framed Prints
208 Charles E. Murphy "American Pintail" Duck Print
209 Three Chandeliers and Clock
210 Fred MeDart MFG Co. Metal Locker
211 Vintage Smith-Corona Typewriter
212 Set of Three Lamps
213 Set of Audio Devices
214 Assorted Glass Dishes
215 Truth and Justice Lamp Toppers
216 Assorted Home Decorations
217 Assorted Tools
218 5.5HP 20 Gallon Shop Vac
219 Various Parts and Motors
220 Coca-Cola Memorabilia
221 Wood Work Table with Drawers
222 Wood Work Table 
223 Wood Work Table 
224 Assorted Wall Decorations
225 Set of Seven Frames
226 Set of Seven Frames
227 Six Folding Tables
228 Two Spotlights with Stands
229 First Aid Kit and Oxygen Bottle
230 First Aid Kit and Oxygen Bottle
231 Military Surplus Canvas Stretcher
232 Podium with Chair and Easel
233 Rolling Cart with Removable Handles
234 Swivel Bar Chair and Black Leather Chair
235 29 Metal Folding Chairs with Storage Cart
236 Set of Four White Sheer Drapes
237 Set of Four White Sheer Drapes
238 Computer Equipment
239 Inflatable Outdoor Santa
240 Metal Rolling Cart
241 Nylon NC and City of New Bern Flags
242 Nylon U.S. and NC Flag and Cotton U.S. Flag
243 Representational U.S. Flags
244 Large U.S. Flag, Pole, and Stand
245 Assorted Flag Poles
246 Assorted Flag Poles
247 Assorted Flag Poles and Flag Storage
248 Student Desk Set
249 Single Drawer Filing Cabinet and Lockable Mail Drop box
250 Six Drawer Wood Storage Chest with White Wood Table
251 Pressboard Counter Top
252 Granite Table Top
253 Two Wooden Table Tops
254 16 Foot Extension Ladder
255 Assorted Janitorial Items

House Auction Company, Inc.

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